My Work is to foster the Bread of His Presence."

Melanie is known as an innovative and evocative composer.

About Melanie Goodwin

Amazon Best-Selling Author, Singer-Songwriter-Composer-Producer, Artist & Visionary Coach.

Bringing "light to people's paths" so they bring forth their intended life's work. (Eph 2:10).

Melanie is known as an innovative and evocative composer, bringing strong, memorable melodies and a depth of complexity to her work, while demonstrating her ability to harness the emotional power of music and sound design. She brings originality, emotional resonance, 'other-world' sounds, cross-genre exploration, adaptability and enhancement to any storytelling project.

Whether you seek a beautifully "haunting" melody, an "epic" and cinematic orchestral theme, an intimate piano serenade, or a guitar-driven "moment", Melanie has the intuitive-sense and capacity to evoke the emotions your project demands.

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My Philosophy

If music is the language of the soul, I am always working to be fluent in its dialects. I like to speak with directors to align with where they see the story's rises and falls, and to let the emotional timbre of each story beat guide the composing. It's true that music is learnable, and "master-able" (over decades and a lifetime), but music is also an enduring mystery. While there's depth and complexity to the art form, music's greatest 'superpower' is its ability to open the heart and soul in a way that words or pictures alone cannot.

Beyond "opening" the heart, music and sonic canvases delight, entertain, and music even releases healing. It's no wonder filmmakers, authors, and all storytellers rely on music and sound design to elevate their imagery and storytelling to new heights! I love the marriage of music, sound, and storytelling and always seek to serve the story.


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