If you are a mystery to yourself...
If you sense you're not doing the work you're "made for"...
If you feel you're living an "unlived" life, or that you're in danger of leaving your songs unsung...

...there's good news and bad news.

The Bad News

We all have our challenges and constraints; We all have ways that we get in our own way.
Some people never overcome their wounds or constraints.
There are forces working against you, against all of us.

The Good News

You CAN overcome it.
(…without bucking up, maintaining a stiff upper lip, or hiding how you feel).
So that…
you can bring forth your “life’s work”

You're in the right place. Begin now.

Resurrected Roadkill by Melanie Goodwin


If you heard there was a way to overcome internal resistance & self-sabotage, would you want it?