Resurrected Roadkill Course

Based on the lessons in the book, the Resurrected Roadkill Course by Melanie Goodwin is designed to help you:

  • Cultivate your Imagination as a God-given gateway for two-way communication between your own soul and God
  • Hear and discern the voice of God
  • Learn how to do Parts Work for yourself
  • Create your own “soul map” and replace inner chaos or conflict with integration and peace.
  • Create an action plan for bringing forth your authentic life’s work
  • Live a life of fulfillment

Melanie Goodwin

Singer-songwriter, Composer & Amazon Best-Selling Author

Melanie Goodwin has coaching certifications from Tony Robbins (Robbins-Madanes) and John Maxwell Team.

What They Are Saying

Melanie is a great listener, with very perceptive ‘ears’ - and when she responds to the client (friend), it’s with incisive/ root-issue information - and a ‘to-do’ list/ business plan. Very few people do that well. It’s a gift.
Bob Farrell
Farrell and Farrell Music Productions
“Melanie's strong intellectual analysis is perhaps her strongest quality. She can dive into complex ideas, break them down, understand their underlying truths and synthesize the result in a meaningful way."
Robert, Kansas City, Mo
“Melanie's gift is to open hearts and understanding.”

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